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Brandon Marceal

Flautist Brandon Marceal has swiftly become a standout figure in the realm of progressive jazz music, infusing his performances with a distinctive essence that resonates deeply with audiences across the United States. Through his captivating melodies, Marceal doesn’t merely play music; he crafts intricate conversations that traverse musical boundaries, inviting listeners into a realm brimming with harmonious frequencies and soulful connections. His artistry exudes a soothing and sensual quality, leaving an indelible mark on those who experience his performances.

An exceptional milestone in Marceal’s journey came when he clinched the title of “Sunday’s Best Musician” in Ben Tankard’s 2020 competition, an achievement that speaks volumes about his immense talent. His evocative flute can be heard gracing Tankard’s 2021 release, “Shine,” further solidifying Marceal’s prominence as an artist. Notably, Marceal’s influence extends beyond genre confines, as he gracefully infuses Gospel, Contemporary Jazz, and hip-hop/R&B with his unique touch, earning him a reputation as a musical boundary-pusher.

After dedicating decades to nurturing his passion for the flute, Marceal has honed the art of using intonation to give his instrument a voice that mirrors his own personality. His mastery over the flute transforms it into a vessel through which he communicates his emotions and thoughts, forming an intimate bond with his listeners.

At present, Marceal’s single “Waay Up” graces the airwaves of SiriusXM Watercolors and local jazz radio stations, cementing his presence in the music scene. With every note he plays, Brandon Marceal continues to reshape and redefine the boundaries of contemporary jazz, leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of those who encounter his music.


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